Meet our team.


We are a student run team, based in West Sussex, that compete in the GreenPower car competition

The Greenpower Racing project has been running for 25 years with The Weald being part of it since the start.  We’ve enjoyed many successes over the years including winning the Championship with Bluebird.  Last year saw Purple Predator receive a major rebuild and we were very happy to finish the Championships with both cars in the top 10.

Purple Predator


The Greenpower Car Competition, is designed to encourage young people to get involved with engineering, competition, motorsport and teamwork. All this is done with a means to fit the future, focusing on renewable energy, with an eco-friendly mindset.


Our Engineers work on our three cars, Bluebird, Purple, and X. Some of their jobs include checking data on race day, building new bulkheads on demand, and organising a team of drivers.

Tech Team

Gathering data, and soldering behind the scene, our Tech Team is well-suited to students who love both to work hardware and software.

Social Media

A team who runs the Instagram, and updates our ‘Eweald’ information, we strive to keep everyone up-to-date on what we do in meets.


After a selection of testing on our sim rig, and practising pitstops, our drivers compete at the races we attend, as a team.